Sandwich delivery van managers: LunchAlert is the link between you and your customers

LunchAlert lets your customers know the sandwich van has arrived outside their work place.

Are you a sandwich delivery company that provides a van service to offices and factories? LunchAlert increases customer visits, and maintains repeat visits to your van.

Connect directly to customers

Cut out the receptionst or other middle man and contact the people that actually want lunch

Increase customer visits to the van

There's nothing like a good prompt to buy

Targeted promotions

Get the word out about a free drink or other offer on the day

Easier to serve big buildings

Do you have to phone, text or press intercom buzzers at large office blocks? Buzz customers directly

Workers rely on the sandwich van

LunchAlert is good for customers as many rely on the sandwich van service to maximise their lunch break. They don't make their own sandwiches if they can rely on you. Missing the van means a trip out to grab lunch that they didn't plan. Many people like to shop on the Internet at lunchtime while eating their lunch.

LunchAlert is a simple mobile app that customers install on their smartphone. As soon as your sandwich van arrives, they get a notification alert whether they are at their desk or doing other work activities. They get this alert each and every day, and this is timed perfectly to your vans shutters opening for business outside.

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35% of office workers surf the Internet through their lunch break, not leaving the office.

How does it work?

For the sandwich delivery driver there is an accompanying phone app. Once logged in, the driver just taps a single button at each delivery drop. This sends the alert to just the nearby customers, so only the local building is notified. We've made the app simple to use so very little training is needed, and your drivers can concentrate on their job.

The customer mobile app is available on the AppStore for Apple iOS devices and Google play store for Android devices, and is free to download and use.

Send Offers

You can send messages to all your LunchAlert using customers through the app, if you are running an offer or other marketing campaign. Please speak to us if you have a message you’d like to send, and we can push a notification out at a time of your choice directly to all your customers.


Ian, Birchwood

"Hiding in the windowless server room often meant I missed any announcement about the sandwich van being outside. Wasting my lunch hour driving to Asda wasn’t what I enjoyed!" - Ian, Birchwood

Jane, Preston

"Knowing Chris’ van is waiting outside before Clare in reception gets a phone call was fun! And I got out quicker so I didn’t have to queue in the cold." - Jane, Preston

Darren, Warrington

"Being tempted out to the delivery van to buy lunch and get a free drink is enough of an incentive to keep the app on my phone!" - Darren, Warrington

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