LunchAlert App Privacy Policy

What information we collect

We only collect and store the information required for the app to function as described. We collect no personally identifiable information.

The data we use

We collect and store:

What we don’t ask for

We have no personally identifiable information, nor do we need any personally identifiable information.

This means we don’t know your name, we don’t know your phone number nor anything else about you.

Why do we have this data

LunchAlert sends you a notification when the sandwich van arrives at your workplace. To do this we need to know where you are served by your sandwich van, so we must have location information with the accuracy of a building. We then store which of the vendors stops you are served at.

We need a unique identifier of your phone so we can send you a push notification. Apple or Android operating systems provide us with this identifier to send a push notification to your phone. It does not give us any other information about your phone. This becomes defunct if you remove the LunchAlert app.

3rd Parties

The sandwich vendor you subscribed to has a login that can see where the app is being used, and how many customers are using the app. There is no personally identifiable data available to them.

Otherwise we do not share this data with anyone else. The app does not use any 3rd party advertising agencies.

We store your data on servers in the United States. The data may also be processed globally. Website Privacy Policy

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